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The House System

The overall administration of the Pastoral Care System is in the hands of the Head of Senior School and the eleven Housemasters (six Boarding, including Year 7 Corfe House, and five Day).

The School is divided into five Houses which operate under a vertical system; that is, each House has both dayboys and boarders from Prep to Year 12. Under this system, a boy feels a part of a family within the School. The House System provides a unit for organisation, sporting and pastoral care purposes. Boys can obtain assistance and advice about any aspect of school life from their Housemaster. Each House has a number of teachers called the House Mentors, who are each responsible for a Pastoral Care Group. Seniors assist in running the House and organising the House teams for the inter-house competition. Most importantly they are also charged with assisting the younger boys in the House. There are regular House meetings and Pastoral Care Group meetings.

The five Houses are: Taylor (Black), Boyce (Maroon), Mackintosh (Red), Groom (Dark Green) and Stephens (Royal Blue). Each of these Houses has resulted from the amalgamation of a Boarding House and a Day House, thereby serving to effectively integrate the boarders and dayboys into a cohesive and supportive unit.

The boys enthusiastically involve themselves in a range of inter-house sporting, academic and cultural competitions for the award of the annual ‘Headmaster’s Shield’. There are nine activities in which boys are encouraged to participate (and may also earn points for the award of House Colours). These activities include: Swimming, Track and Field, Cross Country Running, Touch Football, Theatre Sports, Singing, Chess, Debating and Diligence (acknowledging the boys’ hard work in academic study).