Toowoomba Grammar School offers a range of scholarships and bursaries

Special Ability Bursaries

Special Ability Bursaries are for boys entering the School in any year level from Year 7 through to Year 11. These bursaries may be awarded to boys who possess special co-curricular (e.g. art, music, drama or sporting) talents and they may also be offered to boys who demonstrate all-round talent across a number of fields. They may be awarded based on a boy’s achievements and his perceived potential, however, the applicant needs to have reached a high standard of achievement to be eligible.

How to apply for a Special Ability Bursary:

  • Complete the Special Ability Bursary application form;
  • Parents should write a letter of application addressed to the Director of Advancement and include:
    • a copy of their son’s latest school report;
    • a résumé outlining their son’s abilities and achievements; and
    • include copies of any awards, references, certificates, etc. that may be relevant.

Applications for Special Ability Bursaries can be made throughout the year.

Trustees’ Academic Bursary

The Board of Trustees of Toowoomba Grammar School awards a number of academic bursaries each year to boys entering Year 7 in the following year. For example, a boy entering Year 7 in 2025 would be offered a bursary in 2024.

Applications typically begin when a boy is in Year 5. Parents are encouraged to follow this process:

  • When your son is in Year 5, register him for the ACER scholarship examination. Registrations open on Monday, 26 September 2023;
  • Registrations for the ACER Examination will close at midnight Sunday, 4 February 2024;
  • The ACER scholarship examination will take place on Saturday, 24 February 2024 at Toowoomba Grammar School;
  • Bursary offers are made in April or May.

If you have not already enrolled your son at Toowoomba Grammar School, please contact the School’s enrolments team before registering for the ACER examination.

Applications for 2025 bursaries open on Monday, 26 September 2023.

TGS Enrolments Office

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