The Toowoomba Grammar School Board of Trustees and School Executive are proud to publish the School’s strategic plan for 2022 – 2026. This plan not only builds on our important history and traditions but will also enhance our standing as a leading independent boys’ school in Australia.

During the 12 months of research and development of the strategy, it was evident that members of the Toowoomba Grammar School community are united by a clear purpose – to educate boys and develop their good character for life.

Our consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including staff, current and past parents, Old Boys and members of the Toowoomba community revealed that alongside academic, sporting and cultural offerings, preparing boys for a meaningful life after school is also vitally important. To this end, our vision is for boys to leave TGS with the skills to be independent, well balanced, and successful in life, responding well to challenges and achieving lifelong wellbeing.

In asking our Toowoomba Grammar School community what we do well and how we can improve for the future, we have developed a plan centred around the five pillars of character and wellbeing, teaching and learning, people, community engagement and stewardship. These pillars will be the foundation to providing a liberal education and a formative environment that helps shape the quality of the young men at Toowoomba Grammar School.

As this strategic plan is delivered over the next five years, our TGS community will be an important part of this new chapter for our School and we look forward to growing and evolving with our Grammar families and following our TGS Old Boys as they spread their wings in the world after school.

Mr Brendan P. Baulch
Chairman – Board of Trustees (2019 to June 2023)

Dr John C. Kinniburgh