Toowoomba Grammar School offers an all-boys' complete education from Prep to Year 12

Quality education designed for boys

Our educators have consciously chosen to work in an all-boys’ school and therefore appreciate that boys learn differently. Our inspiring and broad curriculum is designed to spark our students’ interest so they develop a love of learning from an early age which will follow them through their school years. This helps to expand and diversify pathway options and opportunities for our boys and improves student outcomes. Teachers learn about each individual student’s passion and needs, ensuring that each boy performs to the very best of his ability in a nurturing and respectful environment.

Diverse curriculum provides a variety of career pathways

The consistent results of our Year 12 graduates are testament to the success of the broad education offered at Toowoomba Grammar School. Toowoomba Grammar School has consistently achieved strong ATAR results. In 2023, 7.2% of students recorded an ATAR over 99.00, 27.9% of our students had an ATAR between 95.00 and 99.95 (compared with 5% across the State) and 42.3% of students recorded an ATAR over 90.00 (compared with 10% across the State). The median TGS ATAR is 88.25 (an improvement from 87.6 in 2022), whilst the mean ATAR is 83.33.

Thirty percent of TGS students are on a vocational pathway, working in fields ranging from Business, Agriculture, Health and Fitness and trades such as construction and electrotechnology. Graduates have also been accepted into various Conservatorium of Music programs, NIDA and accepted into sporting programs in universities and colleges overseas.

Boys develop good character for life

Toowoomba Grammar School is more than just an education. We equip boys with the skills to be of good character so they can flourish as an individual, contribute to society and lead a meaningful life. We adopt an evidence-informed approach to pastoral care from Prep to Year 12 and offer service opportunities and engagement within the community to ensure our boys are independent, develop good character for life, respond well to challenges and are well-balanced.

Learning and innovation

Our goal at TGS is to provide an inspiring and broad curriculum for all boys, delivered by outstanding educators and informed by best practice and evidence. Teaching and Learning at Toowoomba Grammar School reflects this evidence informed approach that recognises the principles of the learning sciences and explicit teaching. 

A rigorous, knowledge rich, curriculum is delivered through intentional, well-planned lessons which aim to build on foundational knowledge as students move progressively through the complexity of subject specific skills and understanding. Toowoomba Grammar School embraces an inclusive education, in which teachers know their students, and use data to fine tune the curriculum to ensure optimal outcomes for all students. Our teachers also adopt technology and innovative pedagogy to transform learning outcomes for the boys.

“Effort is celebrated at TGS, as we strongly believe this is something that every student has the opportunity of demonstrating. It is a sign of respect and commitment that build strong foundations for the boys to stride from when they graduate.”
— Mr Michael Hall, Head of House - Boyce Boarding

The Junior School advantage

Starting your son’s education in the Toowoomba Grammar Junior School helps him understand and appreciate our School’s values and expectations from a young age. They participate in ‘buddy’ programs with our senior students which provides good role models and enhances the sense of belonging to the TGS community.

Our Junior School students are familiar with the sport and co-curricular programs here and are comfortable with the campus. They are also academically prepared, having already commenced lessons in French, Japanese, Art and Woodwork from Prep, all of which they will undertake in the Senior School, making for an easy transition to Senior School.

These factors, along with enjoying established friendship groups, provides a sense of familiarity, helps alleviate the nerves often associated with starting high school and enables a seamless transition to the Senior School.

Everything in the one location

Toowoomba Grammar School also has the advantage of offering a diverse range of co-curricular activities on-site, alleviating some stress for parents in today’s busy world.

Sport training, performing arts tutorials and cadets are provided before and after school on-campus with fully qualified coaches, tutors and staff. Buses are organised for teams or performers travelling away for activities.