The Junior School aims to provide all students with access to relevant technology to best support the boys’ learning.

All boys from Year 3 to Year 6 have a school provided laptop computer.  Boys from Prep to Year 2 access school laptops in pods for use in classrooms. This approach allows the school to manage the software and security settings on each device, which best caters for younger children.


Then Junior School MakerSpace is a technology centre which is used by all classes and all boys. This allows the boys to explore the world of robotics, coding and other aspects of the technology curriculum.

COVID-19 and Technology

During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Junior School boys from Prep to Year 6 have been provided with a school device. The boys in Year 2 to Year 6 have school laptops and the boys in Prep and Year 1 have a school iPad. This provides capacity for online learning at home at any stage during the period of the pandemic.

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