Junior School

Academic Program

The Junior School’s academic program is aimed at engaging boys with a sense of both joy and rigour. The School uses the Australian Curriculum.

Class teachers focus on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Significant emphasis is given to teaching the boys to read and to develop a love of reading. In addition, class teachers are responsible for integrating technology into their teaching, ensuring boys from Prep to Year 6 are fully engaged with Information Technology.

Specialist teachers are responsible for teaching the range of subjects beyond the core curriculum. All boys from Prep to Year 6 are taught by subject specialists in the areas of Music, Physical Education, Health, Library, Art, Woodwork, French and Japanese. The common expectation is that all boys should work hard and focus on their academic pursuits, ensuring that each boy performs to the very best of his ability.

Extension opportunities are provided for the more academically able students and assistance is given to those boys who require additional support with their learning, especially reading, spelling, writing and Mathematics. The Junior School does not have a specific Special Education Unit. The School offers a traditional, academic curriculum for boys.