The Junior School’s academic program is aimed at engaging boys with a sense of both joy and rigour

We follow the Australian Curriculum focussing on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Significant emphasis is given to teaching the boys to read and to develop a love of reading. In addition, class teachers are responsible for integrating technology into their teaching, ensuring boys from Prep to Year 6 are fully engaged with Information Technology using the most up-to-date technology available. All boys from Year 3 to Year 6 have a school-provided laptop computer.  Boys from Prep to Year 2 access school laptops in pods for use in classrooms. This approach allows the School to manage the software and security settings on each device, which best caters for younger children.

Teaching excellence

Specialist teachers are responsible for the range of subjects beyond the core curriculum which includes Music, Physical Education, Health, Library, Art, Woodwork, French and Japanese for all our Prep to Year 6 students.

We have dedicated rooms for music, art and woodwork, along with our “MakerSpace” technology centre, which is used by all classes and all boys. This allows the boys to explore the world of robotics, coding and other aspects of the technology curriculum.

Our PE lessons are enjoyed on our beautiful campus ovals, the Glen McCracken Sports Centre and the P.B. Hauser Aquatic Centre.

Diverse learning opportunities

Extension opportunities are provided for the more academically able students and assistance is given to those boys who require additional support with their learning, especially reading, spelling, writing and Mathematics. 

Quality education designed for boys

Our staff have consciously chosen to work in an all-boys’ school and therefore appreciate that boys learn differently. As such, not only our lessons, but each classroom is tailor-made for boys; designed to spark their interest and develop a love of learning from an early age which will follow them through their school years.

Our dedicated teachers learn about each individual student’s passion and needs, encouraging each boy to perform to the very best of his ability in a nurturing and respectful environment. We want boys to enjoy school and to see them take off their shoes and socks and run around on grass fields at lunchtime and then return to class to read, enjoying both activities equally, illustrates what our School does so very well.