Toowoomba Grammar School is a home away from home for our boarders and the wellbeing of our boys is a priority

Our boarding staff have a long history of working in, and in many cases, attending boarding schools themselves. They understand the challenges that boarding families face and appreciate the sacrifices that are made to send your son to boarding school. Our Heads of House work closely with families to ensure a smooth journey as your son grows to be a good young man.

“Boyce prides itself in being a family and although we are called a House, I like to think of us as a home. A house can be moved into, but a home is where a family lives and grows together.”


Boys can often disguise their emotions, making it difficult to gauge their true feelings. Toowoomba Grammar School is proud to be the first boarding school in Australia to implement the ‘SKODEL’ check in app which monitors each boys’ mental wellbeing every day. This enables each Head of House to keep track of how our boys are coping and to step in when extra support is required.

We have an on-site health centre which is operational 24 hours a day, staffed by a dedicated team of fully qualified nurses. Specialists, such as physiotherapists and doctors visit regularly, and boarders also have easy access to medical services in Toowoomba.

Our older boarders take on more responsibilities and leadership roles within each House and assist with ensuring the younger boarders are up for breakfast and ready for ‘lights out’ each night. This teaches the boys independence, communication and management skills which helps to build good character and provides them with general life skills that will enable them to be ready to take on the challenges they will face when graduating high school.

Academic support

Academics is a priority at Toowoomba Grammar School, and our boarders are fully supported with their homework, revision, and assignments. In addition to the TGS teaching staff who regularly attend prep sessions, specialist tutors are available to the students during their daily ‘Prep’ time to ensure the highest level of assistance in all subjects, providing confidence and peace of mind for both students and parents.


Boarders are encouraged to participate in the School’s co-curricular activities, with ease of access to all training, music tutorials, performances and games thanks to the on-site availability or transportation organised by the School when required. All meals are provided to boarders during any away trips.

Various activities are arranged on weekends, ranging from local excursions such as ten-pin bowling, laser skirmish or the movies, to longer day trips to the beach, theme parks or rugby matches at Suncorp Stadium. The boys participate in regular BBQ breakfasts or dinners, pizza nights, dining out opportunities and it is only a five-minute walk to the shops, following the School’s ‘leave’ processes. Families are welcome to take boys home for the weekend, and boarders are also encouraged to spend time with dayboy friends for a ‘homestay’ experience. These vast arrays of opportunities add to the boarders’ overall wellbeing and helps to build strong friendships and lifelong memories.