Toowoomba Grammar School Army Cadet Unit (TGSACU) is a School-Based Unit of the Australian Army Cadets (AAC).

The National Headquarters of the AAC is located in Canberra. TGSACU is part of the 11th Battalion (Darling Downs) which is attached to the Southern Queensland Australian Army Cadet Brigade based at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera. The School of Army Aviation at Oakey is the Cadet Unit’s Foster Unit. Cadets is a voluntary activity at Toowoomba Grammar School and its current enrolment is 80 cadets.CadetsIn 2021, the TGS Cadet Unit will celebrate its 129th year since its establishment. From the days since the School operated a troop of mounted cavalry with students stabling their horses at the School  the Australian Army Cadets has progress to a leading national youth development organisation. Cadets is a personal development program for young people, is not part of the Army, and there is absolutely no expectation for cadets to join the military. The Australian Army Cadets adopts the values of the Australian Army – Courage, Initiative, Respect and Teamwork – to empower youth to achieve their potential.

In a military sense, Cadets at the School has a very proud history, with school honour boards listing Old Boys serving in all of Australia’s major campaigns since the war in the Sudan in the 1880s.  Numerous Old Boys have served Australia whilst holding the rank of Brigadier or General with the best known being the hero of World War I’s Charge of the Light Brigade at Beersheba, General Sir Harry Chauvel.

There are lots of reasons to join Cadets. For a start, you get to go camping, abseiling and learn to properly use firearms in a safe environment. Apart from getting involved in all kinds of action and adventures conducted in a military setting, you’ll also make new friends not only at school but in South East Queensland. Cadets not only learn in the classroom but get out and put the theory they learn into practice such as in leadership, first aid, radio operations, navigation, engineering and marksmanship with the opportunity to participate in parades, honour guards and catafalque parties at official Commemorative Services around the district. Cadets has a rank structure similar to the Australian Army.

As a cadet, you’ll learn to be confident, self-sufficient and willing to ‘have a go’. It’s your opportunity to discover new challenges and have some unbelievable fun. You’ll also learn to lead others and work as a member of a team. You’ll be able to do things for yourself and help your friends learn too. Qualified and experienced cadet officers will instruct you. Safety is always a top priority.

The Cadet Unit is well subscribed with the roll including a number of female cadets from local schools.  The cadet experience allows a student to gain a solid grounding in understanding the practical application of leadership principles within a supportive youth development organisation.

Please complete and return the application paperwork to M.Trevisani@twgs.qld.edu.au 

Application for Acceptance as a Cadet

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