Technology is ubiquitous, touching almost every part of our lives, our communities, our homes.

At Toowoomba Grammar School, we recognise this fact and remain committed to implementing technology in our environment, not as an end to itself, but rather as a tool to enhance teaching and learning.

Technology in the classroom

For a number of years, a laptop program has been in place for boys in Year 9 and above with IT access for other boys via computer laboratories or classroom sets. This has provided a broader range of classroom resources as well as the School’s Learning Management System. Furthermore, since 2015 all boys from Years 5 to 12 have their own iPad. Again, boys can access a broad range of learning applications on their iPad. The School has also worked with its textbook suppliers so that most texts in the Senior School can be stored on the boys’ iPads and/or their laptops, thereby taking a great deal of weight out of their bags.

Learning Laboratory

Commissioned at the commencement of 2016, the Learning Laboratory has been designed not only to assist the development of improved teaching and learning but also to allow for greater connection with our own school community and other educational communities within Australia and overseas. The room has been fitted with three moveable cameras and six micro microphones; projection is available around the room. Teachers are able to book the room and can record and later analyse their lesson from a variety of angles. It is also possible for other staff to observe the teacher in action from the dedicated one-way observation booth at the rear of the room. The technology in the Learning Laboratory also allows others in remote locations to view a streamed meeting or those in different locations to collaborate.

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