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Student pathways

With our traditional academic focus, a high proportion of boys seek university placements beyond school.

Senior Staff support boys through academic mentoring, establishing goals for each senior student and their university preferences. The School is proud of the consistent and very high percentage of Year 12 school leavers who receive first round university placement offers.

Career Development Program

Our Careers Department aims to provide boys with all the latest information that will help make decisions about future careers and life beyond school.  Careers lessons are introduced in Year 10 and continue through to Year 12. The Careers Department supports the boys through careers lessons, individual interviews, resourcing the TGS Careers Webpage and Assemblies.
The School has made many links with reputable international schools and assists boys when considering GAP year options. Boys are also supported in making scholarship applications to Australian and international universities.

Vocational Education

Recognising that not all boys seek to pursue an academic course at University after Year 12, the School offers a most worthwhile program of Vocational Education. Approximately 30 Year 12 boys and 30 Year 11 boys complete vocational courses including school-based apprenticeships and traineeships and TAFE programs. Apprenticeships and traineeships enable the boys to attend work placements one day per week and the majority of boys in apprenticeships complete at least the first year of their respective trades whilst still at school.