Senior School

Academic Program

Toowoomba Grammar School maintains a balanced academic curriculum with an achievement orientation.

The boys are encouraged and expected to aim as high as possible in their academic studies. The vast majority of students aim for university entry in their chosen area of study. The focus is on academic endeavour irrespective of academic grades achieved because, as educators, all we can ask is for the students to reach the highest level of which they are capable. If a boy has applied himself to the fullest then we can ask no more of him.

Extremely pleasing academic standards amongst the boys are achieved every year due to the combination of:

  • talented and committed teachers, teaching in their specialist areas, all having made a conscious decision to teach in an all-boys’ school and to understand boys, their interests, and how best they learn
  • parents who value education
  • a structured and disciplined learning environment
  • the expectation of co-operative behaviour in the classroom
  • teaching methods and the curriculum designed to be relevant and appropriate to the needs of boys
  • an environment where the boys are encouraged to do the best they possibly can
  • well-resourced facilities
  • academic extension and learning support programs.

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