Our School

Welcome from the Headmaster

Welcome to Toowoomba Grammar School. For over 140 years, the School has continued to pride itself on delivering the highest quality of education and utmost care for its students.

The School’s all-round education encompasses a number of core values, underpinned by the intellectual, physical, cultural and general wellbeing of students. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss our educational philosophy, our programs and the School’s commitment to being a specialist provider of an education designed specifically for boys. The School has been a specialist in the education of boys and young men since 1875 and now our current student enrolment approximates 1,150 from the Preparatory Grade to Year 12. Toowoomba Grammar School is also extremely proud to be recognised as one of the premier boarding schools for boys throughout Australia.

At Toowoomba Grammar School all staff are committed to doing everything they can to provide the boys with a safe, secure and nurturing environment in both the Day School and Boarding School and in all activities in which the School participates.

We acknowledge that every member of the School community has the right to experience respectful and positive relationships in a pleasant, safe and supportive environment. Bullying and harassment in the School in any form in relation to any member of the school community will be discouraged in the most active manner possible.

Dr John Kinniburgh