Our School


The Vision of Toowoomba Grammar School is to provide a “quality education designed for boys”. But it is much more than this.

We seek to offer an education that will enable our boys and young men to develop life-long values and qualities that will set them apart from others not so fortunate to have been educated at this School. Behavioural traits of our young men and Old Boys should include consistent demonstration of integrity, honesty, resilience, compassion, friendliness, kindness, empathy, a sense of humour, humility, a solid work ethic, an interest in life-long learning and the desire to improve the welfare of others, particularly the disadvantaged in society.

There are a number of key elements contributing to the attainment of this vision. Clear guidelines of appropriate behaviour for our students are required together with a recognition of the value of the highest of expectations of behaviour and student involvement. Friendly, respectful and supportive relationships between the boys and one another, and between the teachers and the students, are crucial. The Vision can also be more readily attained by having highly professional and well-qualified teachers, an infrastructure and resource base in which quality teaching can occur, a self-disciplined and aspirational environment in which students want to learn and succeed, and a sense of community, history and school spirit.