Our School

Teaching Excellence

A crucial asset of Toowoomba Grammar School is the quality of its teaching staff. These men and women have all been appointed to this school via a highly competitive selection process involving applicants from around Australia.

All of our teachers have decided to make a conscious decision to teach in an all-boys’ environment, clearly illustrating their desire to relate to, and support, our boys and young men. They have also voluntarily made a decision to work at Toowoomba Grammar School knowing full well the commitment they will have to make to the extensive co-curricular program of the School. This reflects the teachers’ professionalism and their appreciation of how coaching boys in various sports and activities will improve the quality of relationships and learning outcomes in the classroom. Furthermore, the commitment to after-school and week-end co-curricular activities also reflects the work ethic of the staff the School employs.

The teaching staff are very well qualified and include those with post-graduate degrees at Doctoral or Masters level. A feature of a number of staff is that they have been employed in professional or corporate careers prior to making the decision to commit to teaching as a vocation.

Further illustration of the quality of the teaching staff at Toowoomba Grammar School is the number of staff who are actively involved in the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) at State or District level, those who have written or co-authored textbooks, academic webpages or received District, State or National recognition of their teaching performance via awards and commendations.

Ultimately we can attest to the excellence of the teaching staff at Toowoomba Grammar School because of the commitment, interest and support they show to the boys they teach and their obvious enjoyment of the profession.