The individual child and his wellbeing is the highest priority in the values proposition of the Junior School.  This encompasses an environment where boys are understood, valued and cared for exceptionally well.  Quality communication with parents in an intrinsic component of each boy’s wellbeing, his academic progress and the development of his character.

Pastoral Care and Staff

Pastoral care is essentially the domain of each class teacher, with these teachers all understanding boys and how best to cater for them.  Class teachers are also the primary point of contact for parents.  Our teaching staff consists of female and male teachers in the ratio of approximately 50:50, with all being outstanding role model for our students.

A part-time Junior School Counsellor also provides support for boys and parents in a range of circumstances.

The Head and Deputy Head of the Junior School also play an essential role in the pastoral care of all students from Prep to Year 6.

Character Development

Junior School teachers and students work within the framework of an internally created character development program titled REACH with each letter in the acronym standing for a particular attribute as outlined below:

  • Respect – being respectful towards one another, adults, and particularly women and girls
  • Engagement – being engaged with all aspects of school
  • Awareness – being aware of the feelings of others
  • Communication – being able to communicate well with others
  • Humility – being humble about achievement and success

Boys engage in mini-lessons on these attributes on a weekly basis.  Students are awarded special certificates and book vouchers at our weekly assemblies for demonstrating these attributes on a regular basis.

All Junior School boys are involved in a peer support style program titled ‘Mates’.  This involves older boys working with younger boys in a range of activities and acting as role models.


Anti-Bullying Policy

Child Protection Policy