Developing good character extends well beyond the classroom and at Toowoomba Grammar School we offer a range of performing arts and activities for our boys

We strongly encourage participation in these rewarding programs to help the boys build skills to be independent, well-balanced and successful.

Performing arts

All Junior School boys participate in our high-quality Music program, which is led by a team of dedicated and fully qualified music professionals who take class lessons from Prep to Year 6. Boys have the opportunity to be involved in concerts, School and community performances and eisteddfods.

There are many music ensembles in which the boys may participate including woodwind, string, brass and choral groups. Some of these groups are aimed at boys who are beginning to learn an instrument, while other ensembles are for more advanced musicians. Every boy in the Junior School sings in a choir each week.

All boys in Year 2 participate in a strings program while in Year 4 a similar program exists for woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.

Many boys also receive private or paired tuition in brass, woodwind, percussion, voice, piano, guitar and strings under a user-pays system. Our highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals educate the boys using a range of styles and techniques that meet their individual needs. All boys who learn an instrument are encouraged to participate in the diverse ensemble program available.

Learning a musical instrument is important for each boy to develop a sense of self, social awareness, cultural understanding, intellectual breadth and highly skilled physical dexterity.

Opportunities for boys who enjoy drama are provided throughout the year and all boys are involved in full-scale musical productions on a biennial cycle, encompassing costumes, sound, lighting, choreography and music.


Clubs are available to all Prep to Year 6 students from 3:30pm – 4:15pm Monday to Thursday. Boys can choose a different activity each day including Homework, Chess, Board Games, Fitness, Robotics and Coding, Woodwork, Speech and Drama, and Cooking, just to name a few. Different club activities are offered each term.

All clubs are facilitated by our dedicated Junior School teachers and are offered to our families free of charge.

School camps

Outdoor Education Week provides the boys with activities that involve age-appropriate physical challenges in a safe, well-supervised environment. This may include ropes courses, rock climbing, body boarding, surfing and canoeing. The aim is to develop in the boys a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of the environment.

  • Prep and Year 1 enjoy an activity day at school.
  • Year 2 boys experience an overnight stay in tents within the familiarity and safety of the School grounds and parent involvement is encouraged.
  • Boys in Years 3 to 6 spend two to four nights away from school at specific camp sites.

After school care

After school care is provided daily from 3:10pm until 6:00pm at a cost to parents. It is available in the Junior School campus but managed by an external provider: Hall-Thorpe Sports