prep at toowoomba grammar school ignites boys' love of learning from an early age

Every day is different for Prep students at Toowoomba Grammar School.

They don't just learn core subjects of Maths, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and English, they also have the opportunity to be taught by specialist teachers for Languages (French and Japanese), Library, Music, Art and PE.

Our warm and nurturing staff understand boys and know how to inspire and engage them, igniting the love of learning from this early age.

Explore Prep at TGS

There are three great ways to explore our Prep program - visit us for a personal tour, join our Prep Come & Play morning, or be a Grammar Boy for a Day.

Personal tours

Families are very welcome to visit TGS and take a tour of the Junior School campus including the Prep classrooms and facilities. Tours are available during the school day, outside of business hours and on weekends, however we do encourage families to tour during the school day where possible to see our school in action. Click below to book a personal tour with our friendly staff.

Prep Come & Play

We would like to invite you and your son to join us for a morning of play to experience the opportunities that we offer for our youngest boys joining us in Prep. Our Prep Come & Play mornings are held each term, click below to register for our next event.

Grammar Boy for a Day

We warmly invite your son to experience a day as a Prep Grammar Boy. He can meet our caring staff, make new friends and enjoy the unique learning environment, sporting and cultural opportunities that are provided at Toowoomba Grammar School. Click below to register for our next event.

What makes TGS different?

Why should I enrol my son at TGS from Prep?

Here at TGS, our little boys are allowed to be just that…little boys. We understand how they develop and what they need to grow academically, physically, emotionally and socially. Our teachers are passionate about ensuring the boys develop the skills to be of good character. This encompasses our REACH attributes of Respect, Engagement, Awareness, Communication and Humility.

Building strong academic foundations

We provide them with learning opportunities that are tailored to their interests and challenge them through stage appropriate activities for boys. We provide our youngest boys with the opportunity to develop the fundamental skills that are required to develop their learning throughout their Prep to Year 12 academic journey.

How are Prep classes structured?

Boys thrive on structure and routine. We use visual timetables and very clear instruction to ensure the boys are aware of activities and their responsibilities throughout the day. Skill development in literacy is essential for success across all areas of the curriculum. This is why we begin each day with literacy rotations. The morning session of any school day is the optimal time to develop important key academic skills. Our boys participate in phonics, reading and writing activities during this time.

We break these activities up with brain breaks which include gross motor activities and ‘munch and crunch’ snack time. Daily hands on mathematics activities develop core number sense and problem-solving skills.

Weekly History, Geography, Science and Technology lessons develop their understanding of the world around them and to develop inquiry and critical thinking. The boys also participate in specialist lessons of Art, Library, Music, PE and Languages throughout the week to provide a range of holistic learning opportunities.

Don’t they need more interactions with girls from this age?

The boys of Toowoomba Grammar School have their learning catered to their specific learning interests and developmental needs, as there is a significant difference between the development of boys and girls of school age. They also have the benefit of having a vast array of co-curricular opportunities tailored to their interests.

Here at TGS, our boys have opportunities throughout the year to engage with girls. They are taught to respect girls and women. However, they are not at a disadvantage because they do not have girls in their classrooms and on the playground. We understand boys and know what they need to become confident, brave, kind and respectful young men.

Do Preps have access to all facilities at TGS?

We recognise the importance of sport and performing arts for many of our boys. We have weekly swimming lessons in our Aquatic Centre, and PE lessons. Our Prep boys participate in the local Club Football (soccer) and Club Rugby competitions as part of a TGS team, with training taking place at TGS, making things just that little bit easier for busy parents. The School also offers individual singing and piano lessons for the Prep boys on a user pays basis. These lessons happen during the school day, before and after school.

Prep and Year 1 boys have their own playground area. They also interact with older boys at House activities throughout the year on a regular basis.

The boys are encouraged to engage in School life as much as possible and to explore new activities when the opportunity presents. Not only are the boys allowed to visit the library at lunchtimes, but the librarian opens the library up once a week during the holidays. They can also participate in co-curricular activities after school.

How do I prepare my son for Prep?

Attending our Grammar Boy for a Day as a pre-prep is a wonderful opportunity to prepare your son for their first year of formal schooling. They can meet new friends, engage with their teachers and begin to feel comfortable and settled in our environment.

Another great way to prepare your son for starting Prep is to talk positively and confidently about the opportunities they will have at big school and involve them with purchasing their uniform and books.

It is also important to continue to develop independence by having them dress themselves, open and close their lunchbox and food containers or packages. Finally, please read to them every day.

What is involved in the pastoral care program?

Our staff of Toowoomba Grammar School have designed a pastoral care program specifically for our Junior School boys. Our REACH program (Respect, Engagement, Awareness, Communication, Humility) is a character development program that flows from Prep to Year 6. Boys are engaged in age-appropriate lessons designed to develop their sense of self and their respect for, and acceptance of, others.

We are a family at TGS. Our boys are not just classmates, they are brothers and will be brothers for the rest of their lives. They are encouraged to support and look after one another. Our boys interact across grades through House activities and meetings, on the playground, at assemblies and through our MATES program, where older boys are buddied up with younger boys on a regular basis to engage with, and learn from, each other. We also have Year 12 boys visit our Junior School boys to help with reading and to teach the traditions of our School such as the war cries.

Discover the benefits of early learning at TGS

Junior School Teacher, Mrs Jess Galbraith, has written about the benefits of the early learning program at Toowoomba Grammar School - you can read it here on our TGS blog.

“Setting up the foundations for your son in the early years fosters many different elements of learning. Our objective is to work with parents to ensure the boys grow up to be men of good character who make the most of their strengths and are respectful members of society.”
Mrs Jess Galbraith, Junior School Teacher

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