How to Apply for a Special Ability Bursary

Special Ability Bursaries are for boys entering the School in any year level from Year 7 through to Year 11. These Bursaries may be awarded to boys who possess special co-curricular (e.g. art, music, drama or sporting) talents. They may be awarded based on a boy’s achievements and his perceived potential, however, the applicant needs to have reached a high standard of achievement to be eligible. To enable a comparison of boys across a vast range of abilities, we ask parents to write a letter of application addressed to the Director of Enrolments and Marketing and include a copy of their son’s latest school report, a résumé outlining their son’s abilities and achievements and include copies of any awards, references, certificates etc. that may be relevant. Here is a link to the Special Ability Bursary Application Form.

Special Ability Bursaries are tenable for the duration of a boy’s enrolment at the School providing the boy maintains a satisfactory level of behaviour and academic endeavour and is involved, according to his interests and skills, in the co-curricular life of the School. Boys awarded Special Ability Bursaries may have their Bursary reviewed by the Headmaster should satisfactory levels of co-curricular participation and/or satisfactory levels of academic endeavour not be maintained.

Applicants for a Special Ability Bursary are not required to sit the ACER examination unless specifically requested.

Entrance Bursaries

The Board of Trustees of Toowoomba Grammar School awards a number of Bursaries each year to boys entering the School in Years 7 to 11. These Bursaries are based on either academic or special ability in co-curricular activities.

Trustees’ Bursaries (Academic) are currently for boys entering the School in Year 7, 2023.

Trustees’ Bursaries are tenable for the duration of a boy’s enrolment at the School; however, the boy’s progress and rankings will be monitored and should his behaviour, academic endeavour and/or achievement be found wanting, his Bursary may be reviewed by the Headmaster.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not already enrolled your son at Toowoomba Grammar School please contact the School’s Enrolment’s Office before registering for the ACER examination.


How To Apply for a Trustees’ Academic Bursary

Applications for 2023 are now open.

To apply for a Trustees’ Academic Bursary, please register your son for the ACER scholarship examination online here.

Applicants must sit the ACER Co-operative Scholarship Testing Program (CSTP) examination at the School (or ACER Test Centre by special arrangement with ACER).  For any difficulties, please contact the Enrolments Office at the School on 07 4687 2517 or email scholarships@twgs.qld.edu.au or ACER on 1300 768 952 or scholarships@acer.edu.au  Sample examination papers may be obtained from ACER at an additional charge by accessing the ACER website: https://scholarships.acer.edu.au/

Applicants for the Trustees’ Academic Bursary need to complete this application to register with ACER for the Scholarship Examination.

Details of Testing

The scholarship fee is $115.  ACER do offer alternate test centres for candidates who live in remote areas or overseas. These candidates can choose the nearest ACER Test Centre when registering online and ACER will be in contact to complete arrangements.

At Toowoomba Grammar School we are pleased to offer scholarships at the following level:

Level 1

Designed for students in Year 5 in 2021 (Year 6 2022) for entry into Year 7, 2023.

If you are registered to sit the examination at Toowoomba Grammar School please read the attached letter for examination day details.

If you are registered to sit the Toowoomba Grammar School examination at an alternate ACER Test Centre please read the attached letter for examination day

Applications close – Monday, 7 February 2022.


Toowoomba Grammar School
Enrolments Office
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T   (07)  4687 2517
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E   scholarships@twgs.qld.edu.au

T   (03)  9277 5555
E    scholarships@acer.edu.au