The Fireside Chat Series, presented by the Toowoomba Grammar Institute

The Fireside Chat Series invites prominent guests to the School to speak on a broad range of topics that are of interest to our community. These events aim to expand the knowledge of our students, parents, staff, Old Boys and guests from the wider community, providing a personal and interactive discussion which allows the audience to gain insights into the guest’s expertise and personal experience in a particular field.

Teaching Innovation in Schools

Why are we giving our children glass hammers?

Join us for our next Fireside Chat, where Dr Colin Kennedy discusses the topic: are we truly equipping our children with the tools to own their futures? In our era of rapid change, the traditional education model risks giving students mere “glass hammers” - fragile instruments ill-suited for tomorrow’s volatile landscape. Teaching innovation in schools is crucial for nurturing the adaptive mindsets and skills needed to thrive amidst uncertainty.

Join us on Monday, 10 June 2024.

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Dr Colin Kennedy

Dr Colin Kennedy

Dr Colin Kennedy is the Chief Innovation Officer at Creative HQ in Wellington, New Zealand. He founded the organisation's cutting-edge School of Innovation, which builds innovation capabilities and startup mindsets in individuals, organisations and youth both nationally and internationally. With over 25 years' experience across varied educational roles, Colin has lectured in Development Studies and Human Geography at Victoria University of Wellington, run the nationwide Young Enterprise Scheme engaging over 5,000 secondary students yearly in entrepreneurial education, served as Director of Programmes and Engagement at Fulbright NZ facilitating global exchange of ideas, and taught English as a Second Language in seven countries. Colin has written extensively on educational inequality and speaks globally on topics such as innovation and Gen Z, cementing his position as a thought leader in fostering a culture of innovation.

Past Events

Date Time & Venue Presenter Topic
Thursday, 27 April 2023
6:30pm @ Toowoomba Grammar School, Old Hall
Cr. Rebecca Vonhoff
Water Security
Thursday, 27 July 2023
6:30pm @ Toowoomba Grammar School, The Pavillion
Professor Brad Carter
Monday, 9 October 2023
6:30pm @ Toowoomba Grammar School, The Pavilion
Professor Peter Terry
Sports Psychology
Tuesday, 5 March 2024
6:30pm @ Toowoomba Grammar School, Old Hall
Tim Neale
Data Farming
Wednesday, 15 May 2024
7pm @ Toowoomba Grammar School, Old Hall
Gareth Williams
Beyond Currency