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TGS Has Made Me A Better Person

“TGS has made me a better person.”

Year 12 student, Darcy Sheahan, is the epitome of a country kid; down-to-earth, humble, honest, and respected by all who know him. Darcy grew up in Roma, and his journey at Toowoomba Grammar School has been like many others who have come before him. Hundreds more will follow in his footsteps.

Darcy and his family chose TGS because of the School’s reputation, opportunities, and family connection. Darcy’s maternal grandfather and uncles are all TGS Old Boys. As a Year 7 student in 2016, Darcy arrived at the grand TGS grounds to start his boarding experience.

“I was so keen to come here, but gee, I absolutely hated the first term,” Darcy reflected.

“I was homesick. I struggled being away from my family. It was only because of the other boys and the support of the staff that I got through.”

Darcy said the best advice he was given was from the older boarders and his Head of House, who told him to keep his mind off home.

“They told me, ‘This is your home now. Keep active, immerse yourself in school life and co-curricular activities’.”

With those words of wisdom, Darcy embraced the opportunities before him and never looked back.

“I love being here with my mates. There’s never a dull moment,” he laughed.

“We always have something to do; study, training, hanging out, there are great activities organised on weekends. I miss being here when I go home now.”

Darcy also makes sure he pays it forward by helping the younger boarders settle in. He can tell if they’re struggling by their lack of social interaction in the House and their demeanour.

“They’ll be by themselves and withdrawn. All the older boarders can tell if someone is missing home,” said Darcy.

“We just make sure they’re not alone and help them come of out their shell by kicking a footy with them or chatting to them; we try to give them useful tips and advice.

“I know that when an older boarder hangs out with you, it makes you feel more welcome. You know they can relate to what you’re going through.”

Darcy knows how vital brotherly love and support can be, as he’s had to rely on it on more occasions than any child should. Darcy lost his mother in the 2012 Roma floods and then, six years later, was in a debilitating motorbike accident on his property. He was hospitalised for months with a T12 spinal fracture and was lucky to walk again.

“The boys and staff supported me through my personal challenges,” said Darcy gratefully.

“They always make sure I’m alright. That’s the thing about Grammar; we have a special, unique bond.”

Darcy credits the staff and the strong values at TGS for helping him develop from that shy, homesick young boy to a confident young man with the world at his feet.

“Staff have helped with everything from my study and life experience to my career,” said Darcy, who wants to be a diesel fitter when he graduates at the end of the year. He has received his Certificate III in Agriculture, and Certificate II in Automotive through the TAFE courses run in conjunction with TGS. Darcy is grateful to the Careers Advisors at TGS who have guided him and helped him achieve his goals.

“They’ve made my life so much easier,” said Darcy.

“TGS has helped me grow immensely. They’ve made me into a better person. I’m really confident and happy with the direction I’m heading and the transition from TGS to work that I’m about to make.”