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What are the benefits of a boys’ school?

At the heart of Toowoomba Grammar School is an understanding and valuing of boys, preparing them well for life beyond school. Our teachers can devise curricula relevant to the boys’ interests and can engage in teaching practices that are “boy friendly”. They can select subjects that reflect their own personal interests rather than identifying with a perceived gender stereo-typical selection of subjects; in our School, languages, drama, music and the arts are just as popular as science, maths and digital technology.

Boys are naturally competitive and our teachers harness this energy, competitiveness, academic curiosity and humour to achieve wonderful results. An analysis of ATAR results around the country reveal the high performance of single gender schools. At the same time, our School recognises the importance of the boys interacting in a healthy and respectful way with girls. To this end we have numerous opportunities of social and co-curricular engagement with the students from the neighbouring all-girls’ schools in Toowoomba.

Why TGS?

At Toowoomba Grammar School we understand and celebrate boys. Our small class sizes allow our specialist teachers to focus on the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of our students and appreciate the complexities of growing boys into fine young men. We are the only all boys’ Prep – Year 12 school in South West Queensland. Being a GPS School, we are comparable to equivalent schools in capital cities around Australia.

In addition to pursuing high academic achievement, Toowoomba Grammar School shares broader values in educating the hearts and minds of our young men and guiding them to find their passions both inside and outside of the classroom. This philosophy helps our boys develop good character during their journey with us, so that they may become positive contributors to society and learn values such as hard work, respect, resilience and humility which resonate with our families and are acknowledged and appreciated by the wider community.

What are the advantages of starting my son in Junior School?

Toowoomba Grammar School has the highest calibre of teachers in our region, we understand how to engage and motivate boys and instil a love of learning. We have deep desire for each boy to be understood and valued for his individual characteristics and this is enhanced through our exceptionally strong emphasis on pastoral care, looking after the boys and communicating well with parents.

The Junior School focus is on the academic program and we believe one of the most important attributes for any child is not to just learn to read well, but to learn to love reading. We have an emphasis on ‘hands on’ learning and we embrace adventure, exploration and discovery in our learning environment. We have specialist teachers for languages, music, art and sport which helps prepare our students for a seamless transition to the Senior School.

Junior School students have access to all the School’s facilities and the boys are encouraged to participate in the broad based co-curricular opportunities offered such as after-school clubs, music, swimming and local and GPS sport – all of which are included in the School fees.

What is the School’s position on student discipline and wellbeing?

Toowoomba Grammar School staff acknowledge the impulsive nature of many of our boys. We set high behavioural standards and expect our boys to challenge themselves with their learning. It is important that our boys are able to take “risks” within the classroom and also in the co-curricular realm.  We expect to work with families to instil positive values in the boys, moving from being good young boys well on the journey to becoming fine, respectful young men.

Our staff understand that boys and young men will not achieve to their full potential unless they feel good about themselves and feel connected to the School community in all areas. We strive to provide every student with a sense of belonging and an appreciation that they are all individuals and worthy of support, encouragement and respect. Toowoomba Grammar School provides an inclusive environment to meet all students’ needs and has a number of proactive strategies to promote wellbeing.

Do students have access to the latest education technology?

Toowoomba Grammar School is one of only five schools in Australia to be named a Microsoft Gold School, recognised for leading the way in technology in teaching and setting a higher stand in digital learning and literacy.

All students from Prep to Year 10 are provided with either iPads, laptops or state-of-the art Microsoft surface pro laptops, depending on their level. We have an on-site dedicated IT Department that can assist students with any IT problems immediately.

All lessons are taught using OneNote and both staff and students use digital inking during the lessons. We are one of the only schools in Australia to use Interactive Flat Panels and whiteboard desktops as a daily teaching tool which assists with student engagement.  Our lessons can also be recorded and viewed at a later date which is ideal for revision or student absences.

The use of Immersive Reader across Office products allows the boys to have sections of text read out to them, including their own work. This is particularly important in boy’s education who often struggle in interpreting text and struggle to edit their own work.

We also use “Teams” which enabled our staff to deliver lessons virtually to students with minimal disruptions to teaching programs during COVID shut down. We had the advantage of running a normal school day but at home.

What Co-curricular activities are available?

Toowoomba Grammar School prides itself on the inclusive nature of its co-curricular program and offers a range of activities to spark a passion in every child. Music, Art, Swimming, Drama and Chess is offered right throughout the year while our GPS sporting activities are broken into ‘Terms’ to enable our boys to participate in a variety of activities.

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What is the GPS?

The Great Public Schools’ Association of Queensland aims to provide outstanding opportunities for students from its nine member schools to take part in an extensive range of sporting and cultural activities. GPS Schools are an association of schools that specialise in teaching boys. These schools are rich in history and tradition and are similar to the GPS Schools in New South Wales and the equivalent in other capital cities in Australia.

The Association encourages students to pursue excellence in sport and cultural activities underpinned by the values of commitment, courage, teamwork, healthy competition, integrity, fair play and good sportsmanship.