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146 Not Out at TGS

The history of cricket at Toowoomba Grammar School has been showcased in an epic two volume book lovingly compiled by TGS Old Boy (1961-64), Mr Ivan Board.

It has taken Mr Board three years and three months, or almost 4,000 hours to research and write the books. He sourced information from TGS magazines dating back to 1904, searches of various newspaper articles including the Toowoomba Chronicle and the Queensland Times, research from Trove between 1877 and 1904.

Mr Board also had close collaboration with the archivists from all the GPS schools, hundreds of emails with former players of the teams, the TGS Cricket Department and had significant support from the TGS museum volunteers and former Associations Assistant, Jennifer Fordyce.

TGS’ Cricket History is very inclusive of the other GPS schools and Downlands College in that their better performers in all matches are recognised. This has been achieved due to the close collaboration with the other schools on a regular basis. The GPS schools have had input into the description of all 736 matches at First XI level played between 1877 and 2020.

This massive project began when former Headmaster, Mr Peter Hauser innocently asked Mr Board to check the players on two old team lists. Mr Board then decided “I may as well write the School’s cricket history as no one else has and it may never happen!”

His hard work and dedication has finally paid off with a beautiful, two volume record of the history of cricket at TGS aptly named, ‘The First Century’ and ‘1877-2020 Not Out’, which will be valued by the School and Old Boys for years to come.