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Grammar Art Show Open to the World

The 27th annual Grammar Art Show will be open to the world, moving to an online platform.

COVID-19 restrictions has put a stop to the social aspect of the Art Show, with the Opening Night, High Tea, Coffee Shop and Exhibition all cancelled, but the Grammar Art Show committee has moved with the times to ensure the event proceeds in some form.

The online Art Show will showcase a diverse range of paintings, sculptures and jewellery, more than 800 pieces from 250 artists from all over Australia.

The Grammar Art Show is one of the most successful art sale exhibitions in the country.  The 2019 clearance rate was an astonishing 40%, with a record of over $200,000 worth of art was sold. The expectations for this year’s results is unknown as the online event is unchartered territory, however the positive is that these artists and their works will be exposed worldwide.

This year’s Feature Artist is local painter, Jenie Fawckner whose textured modern impressionist landscapes are popular with art lovers all around the world.

Jenie lives on a farm at Crows Nest and enjoys a range of mediums including still life, landscape oil painting and screen printing.

Another local artist, Wendy Roche will also feature prominently in this year’s exhibition. Wendy is inspired by the early impressionist painters and her impressionistic photography is evocative and painterly with effects caught in-camera.

In keeping with the usual anticipation of the Grammar Art Show, the online shop, www.grammarartshow.com  won’t go live until ‘opening night’ 6:00pm Friday, 27 March but rather than just a three day event it will run for an extended period, until May 17.