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TGS Produces Political Heavyweights

Toowoomba Grammar School is proud to see two TGS Old Boys promoted to some of the highest positions in the country earlier this month.

TGS Old Boy (1992-93), the Hon. David Littleproud MP, was promoted as Deputy Leader of the National Party, while Mr Andrew Metcalfe AO, TGS Old Boy (1972-76, Senior Dayboy Prefect and Dux) is the Departmental Head of the Department of Agriculture.

Most recently Mr Metcalfe has been a senior partner in Ernst and Young (2014-2019) and was previously the Head of the Department of Immigration for seven years. He now leads over 7,500 staff in the Department of Agriculture and reports to three Cabinet Ministers including David Littleproud.

It would be extremely rare, if not unprecedented, that the Commonwealth Minister and Departmental Secretary of a Commonwealth Department attended the same school.