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Toowoomba Grammar School Says No to Bullying

With research showing one in four Australian students are bullied and one in five cyber bullied, Toowoomba Grammar School is saying no to bullying and hosted a Buddy Run on Friday, 25 October.

Buddy Run promotes inclusion, respect and awareness, while raising much needed funds for the Alannah & Madeline Foundation to help keep our children safe.

The Buddy Run involved 150 prep, year one and year 12 students participate in the 1km fun run, the first event of its kind to join the most junior and senior students.

Head of Senior School, Mark Oliphant, says the Buddy Run was something for the students to get involved in that has a strong anti-bullying message and that isn’t being driven by the staff.

“It raised awareness of bullying while promoting good relationships among the different year levels, so the youngest boys can see just how important treating each other with respect is,” Mr Oliphant said.

“We are currently going through the process of becoming an accredited eSmart school. It’s really important that schools have effective policies and procedures in place for preventing and managing negative interactions and bullying, which eSmart will help further us to do.”

The Foundation works to keep children safe from bullying and cyber bullying, and its CEO, Lesley Podesta, said the event is aimed at raising awareness around this potentially devastating issue.

“All children should feel safe, respected and included. Being bullied over a long time can contribute to serious mental health issues,” Ms Podesta said.

“Bullying can have a severe effect on a child and can impact self-esteem, behaviour and being able to succeed at school. We want children to band together and send a clear message that bullying is not OK.”

Toowoomba Grammar School raised funds for the Alannah & Madeline Foundation at their Buddy Run.