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TGS Football Program Extends to Europe

Four Toowoomba Grammar School students have been awarded football contracts in Germany thanks to the expansion of the School’s football program into Europe.

TGS Football Coach, Chris McLeod has been negotiating partnerships with a number of German schools for over two years and finalised the programs in early July, when he travelled to Germany with a team of TGS footballers.

In a massive boost for talented young soccer players, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with four German schools – Frankfurt Oder Sportsschule; Gesamt-/ Gemeinschaftsschule Marpingen; Leiter des Leistungszentrums NLZ Saar; and Neunkirchen Ganztagsgemeinschaftsschule.

These schools are all feeders to the Elversberg Football Club which is part of the Oberligae (the equivalent of our National Premier League) and is the stepping stone to the German National league.

Partnerships have also been forged with two football clubs, Elversberg FC and Schmelz FC1.

The agreements will give interested TGS students the opportunity to attend our partner schools on a six-week exchange program during years 10 -12, playing with the football clubs. This can then lead to potential scholarships on completion of Year 12.

The program has already proved beneficial with current Year 12 students, Connor McLeod, Will Hayes and Jon Crowe joining Schmelz FC1 on a twelve-month scholarship next year in the hope of gaining a future contract. Team mate, Eli Adams has been accepted to Elversberg Football Club.

The boys will fly out on January 5 next year.