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Checkmate for Toowoomba Grammar

Imagine if you won the Championship of your chosen sport or discipline for twenty-five (25) consecutive years…

That is exactly what Toowoomba Grammar School’s Open Chess Team has achieved at the Toowoomba Secondary Schools Chess Championships.

The players have obviously changed over the years, however the coach, Les Lord, has remained steadfast and steered the boys to an incredible string of success.

At the latest Toowoomba Secondary Schools Chess Championships from 26-28 July, Toowoomba Grammar School’s two Open teams finished first and second and will now contest the State Chess Championships in Brisbane in September.

There is more involved to chess then just moving some pieces on a board; like any sport these boys train a minimum of once a week, they have a dedicated coach and rigorously study strategy. Each game can last up to an hour and while it may not be a physically gruelling sport there is definitely a mental strength and endurance required to survive thirty rounds of chess over three days!