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TGS Teacher Contributes to NASA Discovery

Toowoomba Grammar School physics teacher by day, NASA research scientist by night.

Dr Ian Waite has played a crucial role in one of NASA’s most significant recent discoveries, a ‘Super Earth.’

Dr Waite is an adjunct research at the University of Southern Queensland and searches for planets as part of NASA’s TESS Mission.

He was one of many researchers who contributed to the discovery of the star TOI 270 and the three planets that orbit it.

Dr Waite said it’s a very exciting discovery because of it’s close proximity to our solar system, about 73 light years away.

He said the atmosphere is about 67 degrees Celsius and is so dense it won’t support life, however there could be a planet a little further out where liquid water exists.

Dr Waite hopes his contribution to the discovery will inspire his TGS students to appreciate science and what it can offer.

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