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Grammar Boys Mentor Special Students

Toowoomba Grammar School students are often considered role models for many young boys but for the students at Toowoomba West Special School, they are also friends.

Every Wednesday during school terms, Grammar boys from ‘Boyce House’ spend an hour at TWSS interacting with the students there. They read, play games and sports or just have a chat. The TGS boys accompany TWSS students in many different learning areas including the classroom, sensory rooms and outside play areas.

About 40 Toowoomba Grammar School students participate in the program each year, with four boys attending each week on a rotational basis – more than 400 TGS students have been involved since the program was implementated ten years ago.This interaction is important for TGS students to understand the importance of helping others who are less fortunate then themselves and to realise how lucky they are.

The boys forge special bonds with the TWSS students and they genuinely look forward to the visits where they are greeted like ‘rockstars’, with some of the TWSS students cheering and yelling “The Grammar boys are here!”

Toowoomba West Special School Principal Glenn Gatehouse said his students look forward to the visits which assist with their socialisation and communication, encouraging engagement, building self-confidence and a positive change in behaviour.