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Toowoomba Grammar Boys On Song

It’s not often that you will come across large groups of boys singing together, but at Toowoomba Grammar School our Junior School choirs have enough participants to make up 24 soccer teams!

Toowoomba Grammar School is proud to be one of the only schools (if not the only one) in the region that has every single Junior School student competing at next week’s Toowoomba Eisteddfod, giving all 265 boys the opportunity to perform on stage.

Grammar has various ‘Voiceworks’ choirs that cater to all boys abilities from Prep to Year 6 and students attend weekly rehearsals for these groups. By making these choirs compulsory, singing and music becomes ‘the norm’ for these young boys; it’s inclusive, accepted, supported and encouraged by all age groups.

In addition, the boys can participate in optional choirs, Tribe Junior for Year 2 and 3 students and Tribe for Years 4-6.

The students have fine-tuned their vocals and are excited to treat their families to a pre-Eisteddfod performance at Assembly on Thursday, 16 May, one of their last ‘sing outs’ before the real deal on Sunday, 19 May. That will be 265 Junior School students performing on stage!

Choirs are optional in the Senior School, but the take-up rate is extremely impressive and Toowoomba Grammar School’s Years 7-9 and Years 10-12 choirs are ready for the challenge, boosted by the success of a number of their singers in last week’s solo competition. There are 65 Senior School students participating in the vocal section of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod.

Click here to view a snippet of the performances fro the Junior School Pre-Eisteddfod Assembly.