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TGS Joins International Read to Me Day

Toowoomba Grammar School Junior School students traded their desks and chairs for trees and picnic blankets for International Read to Me Day on Monday, 1 April.

The Prep to Year 6 boys set up under the Jacaranda Grove to enjoy two books, which were read to them by Year 5 teacher, Mr Ben Woolacott using a PA system.

Statistics from the International Read to me Organisation show that:

  • children aged 4-5 years who are read to 3-4 times a week have reading ages six months ahead of children read to once or twice a week; and
  • reading to children nearly every day almost doubles their progress to one year ahead of their peers.

An OECD assessment in 2016 found that only 61% of Australian students aged 15 years achieved the National Proficient Standard in reading literacy and 18% were low performers.

Alarmingly, the study also found that students’ performance overall had declined significantly (by 12 points) since 2009.

Promoting reading to boys is a vital part of Toowoomba Grammar School and encouraging boys to have a positive perception about reading is a core part of our daily approach.

The Junior School further promotes reading through the ‘Tim Tam’ Assembly at the end of each School term, where a packet of Tim Tams is awarded to one student in each class.  They are only allowed to eat the treat while they are reading during the school holidays.