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Senior and Administration Staff

Headmaster Mr Peter B. Hauser
Deputy Headmaster Mr John C. Anderson
Chief Financial Officer Mrs Christina Onley
Head of Senior School Mr Mark S. Oliphant
Head of  Junior School Mr Scott D. Campbell
Director of Studies Dr J. Alison Young
Director of Boarding Mr James M. Noble
Director of  Enrolments & Marketing Mr Benjamin J. Foley
Director of Sport & Activities Mr Wesley K. Dunne
English Mr Paul Irwin
Mathematics Mr Roger Harris
Science Mr Ken Lavers
Commerce Mr Ian Bullock
Geography Mrs Kimberley Reeve
History Mr Allan Smiddy
Languages Mrs Elouise Parrington
Physical Education Mr Andrew Budnick
Arts Mrs Eylece Blaikie
Director of Performance Mrs Natalie Otto
Careers & VET Mrs Jenny Ball
Mrs Stacy Nottle
Information Technology Mr Paul Barton
Technology & Design Mr Andrew Kirby
Library and Information Services Mrs Elizabeth Derouet
E-Learning Dr Brett Sawyer
Taylor – Boarding Mr James Noble
Taylor – Day School Mr James Perrignon
Boyce – Boarding Mr Tony Wallis
Boyce – Day School Mrs Gabrielle Battersby
Mackintosh – Boarding Mr Chris McLeod
Mackintosh – Day School Mr Brodie Bassingthwaighte
Groom – Boarding Mr Dan MacDonald
Groom – Day School Mrs Therese Manassero
Stephens – Boarding (Acting) Mr Nathan Stains
Stephens – Day School Mr Paul Sullivan
Corfe – Boarding Mr Mike Sharpe
Corfe – House Mother Mrs Jenny Bazley
Co-ordinator of Pastoral Care Ms Suzanne Connelly
School Counsellor Ms Jennifer Johnson-Saul
Head of Diverse Learners Mrs Cathy Keeton
Year 7 Co-ordinator Mr David Klan
Student Officer Mr Matthew Harrison
Medical Health Centre
House Manager Ms Morag Watt
Property Manager Mr Murray Janke
Executive Chef Mr Alex Bailey
Headmaster’s Personal Assistant Mrs Cassandra Smith
Chief Financial Officer’s Assistant Mrs Fiona Roberts
(Long Service Leave Term 4, 2018)
Deputy Headmaster’s Secretary Mrs Helen Hemmings
Network Manager Mr Gary Geitz
IT Assistant Mr Massimiliano Matacchioni
IT Assistant Mr Malcolm Rixon
IT Assistant Mr Raymond Davis
IT Assistant Mr Matthew Dalamaras
Marketing and Digital Media Officer Mrs Stacey Silver
Enrolments Assistant Mrs Kelly Charles
School Associations Assistant Ms Jennifer Fordyce
Senior School Administrative Assistant Mrs Josie Meagher
Staff Secretary Mrs Karen Marshall
Sport & Activities  Assistant Mrs Sandra Mathies
Careers Assistant & VET Coordinator Mrs Marian Rathie
Student Services Administrative Assistant Mrs Tanya Simpson
Reception Ms Emma Horncy
Reception Mrs Emily Smith
Science Mrs Linda Adamson
Science Mrs Veronica Cunningham
Library Mrs Ann Peacock
Library Mr Andrew Wilson
Library Mrs Lynette Garsden
Aquatic Centre Ms Alison De Wilde
Archives Mrs Denise Miller
Administration & Operations Manager Mrs Debbie McCourt
Management Accountant Ms Karleigh Melbourne
Business Office Assistant Ms Di Peters
Business Office Assistant Mrs Michelle Nicholls
Accounts Mrs Jenny Coleman
Accounts Ms Maree Missen
Accounts Mrs Pamela Neilson