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TGS Carries the Legacy

It is the symbol of Legacy, a two-metre high cross, adorned with red poppies that were knitted by local war widows to use in the commemoration services for the centenary of the Anzacs in 2015.

Four crosses were made, Legacy Toowoomba kept one of them and donated the others to Toowoomba Regional Council and the Toowoomba and Harlaxton RSLs.

Now, two of the crosses have been re-gifted to Toowoomba Grammar School and St Ursula’s College to thank the schools for their unwavering support and to remind future generations of the ‘legacy’ they carry.

“It’s very important because our current youth will be the future adults who will have to take care of our war veterans and their families,” said President of Legacy Toowoomba, Ian Mackenzie.

“We need to ensure that our young people know what the price of freedom is, it’s something that has to be taught at school age.”

Mr Mackenzie said a number of local schools have supported Legacy over the years, but the commitment from Toowoomba Grammar School and St Ursula’s College goes above and beyond.

Toowoomba Grammar School students have volunteered to assist with the annual Legacy Doorknock Appeal for the past five years, contributing almost 3,000 hours of their time and raising just under $10,000 for the local organisation to support veterans, war widows and their families.

“It’s a confronting task to knock on a stranger’s door and ask for money, it’s not a popular fundraiser anymore, but the Grammar boys have done a marvellous job and we’re very grateful,” said Mr Mackenzie.

Toowoomba Grammar School Housemaster, Tony Wallis said it was a natural progression for the School to support Legacy Toowoomba following a strong association with Mates-for-Mates which cares for young veterans who are suffering from physical and psychological issues after service.

“It all falls in line with the School’s values of giving back and supporting those who have given to us,” said Mr Wallis.

“Mates-for-Mates helps our current generation, while Legacy supports the older veterans.”

Mr Wallis said there’s no shortage of volunteers from Toowoomba Grammar School for the Legacy Doorknock day and those who have other commitments even take badges to sell elsewhere.

“It’s a great honour to be accepting this very significant cross and every time the boys walk past it they will have a physical reminder that we are doing something good for others and that we should help those less fortunate whenever we can.”

The cross will be rotated through the School’s key buildings, starting in the main foyer.