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Career Pathways for TGS Students

Toowoomba Grammar School is committed to ensuring our boys have the best future available to them.

The school is conducting a ‘Career Profiling’ session for its Year 10 students, drawing on the expertise from an independent Careers and Counselling Psychology agency, Career Avenues.

A team from Career Avenues will attend Toowoomba Grammar School on Thursday 10 May, to conduct a number of aptitude and career interest assessments. They will determine each student’s personality preferences, problem solving skills, career interests and transferrable skills.

The officers then collate the data and create individual profiles which will be issued to each student at the end of June, when the psychologists will return to explain the results.

The team creates a list of 45 potential careers for each student that will best suit their personality, interests and skill sets.

From that, the students are encouraged to research the recommendations and shortlist their preferred careers, giving them a firm focus and direction for the future.

This is to assist the students with providing career directions and for suitable subject selection as they move into years 11 and 12.