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Track & Field Championships

Congratulations go to Stephens House on achieving victory at the Track and Field Championships and House competition yesterday. Broken records and good spirited competition made it a great day for all involved. Highlights from the day included some fantastic charity work from the boys such as the White Ribbon Race (congratulations go to Nathan Carroll [Year 12] on winning the 100 metre sprint event) and also the World’s Greatest Shave, which resulted in some entertaining and unusual hairstyles. Age Champions from each year are pictured below. L-R: Archie Steele (U14, Taylor), Callum Lyons (U16, Mackintosh), Joseph Scott (Open, Stephens), Nicholas Saal (U12, Taylor), Patrick McKay (U15, Taylor), Luke Broderick (U13, Mackintosh). The School wishes all boys and families a safe and enjoyable mid-year break.


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